Why I am Marching: Jack O’Sullivan

Jack O’Sullivan is an environmental scientist and a member of An Taisce since 1975. He is currently the Hon. Sec. of the County Westmeath Association of An Taisce, and a member of the Climate Change Committee.

I am marching for science because I strongly believe that science is fundamentally a search for truth, based on careful accumulation of evidence, sifting the results of countless observations, measurements and experiments, the creation of theoretical frameworks, and the logical questioning of our theories.  Science is an important tool to help us develop and improve our understanding of the natural world around us, including not only the planet on which we live, all other living creatures, the Universe itself, and ourselves — human beings — as the conscious observers of that Universe. This search for knowledge is one of the fundamental signs that we are an intelligent species, and therefore any attack on that search, any attempts to denigrate the role of science, is an attack on our humanity. It is sad to see climate science attacked — in fact it is criminal to make such attacks, knowing that by doing so, the generations which come after us will live on a less hospitable planet. I would like to see in Ireland a much better understanding by our legislators of the scientific method, more scientists in Dáil Éireann and in the Seanad. These are among the reasons why I am marching for science on Saturday 22 April — Earth Day!


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