Why I am Marching: David Robert Grimes

Dr David Robert Grimes is a physicist, cancer researcher and science writer. He is on twitter at @drg1985

Science is more than just a body of knowledge – it is a method of enquiry so powerful it lets us unravel mysteries on any scale, from the tiniest subatomic particle to the universe itself. Science is the method by which we comprehend reality, and understand our world. In a short window of human endeavour, science has transformed our world. It has banished once deadly diseases to the confines of history book, and given means to escape even the confines of our own planet. It is the most powerful tool we have to probe our own reality, and to objectively understand the world around us. But right now, science is under threat. There are those who would rather cling to their own dogma and denial, rather than adjust their ideology in the face of conflicting evidence. To these individuals, science itself is a threat – and sadly, across the world many of them have seized regrettable power. And predictably, these naked emperors have directed their wrath upon the science which dares point out they have no clothes. Right now, there are concerted efforts by such figures to crush and neuter scientific findings which expose their positions as flawed. This is incredibly damaging, not only to collective understanding but to our very well-being. Reality does not care one iota what we believe – the major challenges facing us as a species such as climate-change won’t go away simply because we ignore them. We cannot tolerate a situation where scientists are forced to jettison evidence to appease dubious agendas . Policy must be decided by considering the best available scientific evidence, and we need to make political leaders aware we will not abide any attempts to undermine the vital objectivity of science. Today, we stand together to affirm that evidence and informed decisions are essential to democratic society, and that we will resist any efforts to suppress the scientific method.


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