Why I am Marching: Gareth O’Reilly

Gareth O’Reilly is a mechanical engineer turned maths\physics secondary school teacher. He is the founder of OReillyMaths, a website and youtube channel providing free maths video tutorials to students across Ireland.

I know from working with young people that they love to question things, whether it’s something you’re teaching them or why they have to listen to you. Young people employ the scientific method and question authority from the moment they can speak and probably even before that. These are two things that we, as a species, need to do right now.

Climate change is one of the biggest threats we face and scientific understanding is at the core of solving the problem. We need to have science at the heart of policy-making in our societies. We need to move to a resource-based economy. We need science-related issues to be be getting more inches in newspaper columns. We need to push back against the current climate of denial and apathy in these areas. And, we need to do these things quickly.

I will be marching on Saturday for young people across Ireland and the future we need to shape for them.


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