Why I am Marching: Cliona O’Farrelly

Cliona O’Farrelly is a Professor of Comparative Immunology at Trinity College Dublin.

Our lives now in the 21st century are incomparably better than those of our ancestors of only a few hundred years ago, mainly because of enlightenment and the scientific process. Even in poor countries, people live longer, fewer children die, food production is improved and mobile phones are everywhere. As well as the 1000s of life enhancing discoveries that have been made in the last two centuries, policies and decisions of all kinds are stronger, more robust and more inclusive when founded on evidence-based knowledge and constructive debate. The scientific method underpins democracy. All this progress is being compromised by media spin, alternative facts and post-truth. People will die unnecessarily from measles and mumps, development of alternative power sources will be blocked, life on the planet will be threatened by global warming, the human species will be the only one to have generated its own preventable demise.

We have to act now to push back the darkness that looms. March on April 22nd


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