Why I am Marching: Lara Dungan

Lara Dungan is a medical student at University College Dublin, with a PhD in Immunology from Trinity College Dublin. She is also a presenter on RTE’s Eco Eye and a regular contributor to Newstalk’s Futureproof.  

‘We stand on a precipice. The world today is simultaneously at its most exciting and its most terrifying phase in human history. Scientists continue to push the boundaries of what we know and what we can achieve further with every passing year, however with each of these years the world continues to get hotter and moves closer to disaster. Researchers have already achieved so much, but now, more than ever there is so much more that needs to be discovered and problems that need to be solved.

Science isn’t just the realm of people in white coats and safety goggles sitting in a lab, it is something that all of mankind benefit from, can be interested in and have a right to support and defend. Marching for science, for the rights of scientists to speak freely and openly, is a job for everyone. Peaceful protest has been helping to change the system for generations. For those who feel frustrated and impotent at the negative ways in which the world is changing, get out and march and have your say.’


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